How to get braid beauty hairstyle

How to get braid beauty hairstyle

French braid, spike, twist, sloppy braid – there are a great many variations! And for those who are ready to spend some time at the mirror, creating this incredible braided beauty, today we will tell you what braids will be on trend this year, share ideas for hairstyles with braids for medium length hair and make a list of necessary accessories. Read More

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How to get thick hair lush

How to get thick hair lush

Are you looking for thick, luscious hair? If so, you’re in luck! There are a few simple tips and tricks you can follow that will help you get the thick, healthy hair of your dreams. From using the right hair care products to eating a balanced diet, here are some helpful tips on how to get thick hair lush. Read More

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Creating Appealing Purple And Silver Nail Designs

When spring is coming, it is the best time for thinking of new nail designs. Hands are what all women take care of. They want their hands to look nice. Modern trends that allow mixing colours, gives the possibility to come up with extraordinary nail designs. There are colours that look stunning, and will go well no matter where you work. Beauty experts claim that purple and silver nail designs are the trend of this year. They were popular not only in spring and summer but the trend will continue until the end of the year.

How To Combine Purple And Silver Colours

Pattern ideas for silver and purple colours vary, depending on the purpose. The design that you apply, for example, for a wedding might different from what you select for a birthday party.

  • Floral design. Floral patterns always have delicate and soft. Women usually choose this design for everyday life. However, this pattern is also a great choice for an occasion such as wedding or birthday. Silver flowers look amazing on a purple background but you can also try purple flowers on a silver background. This design gives a lot of freedom to your imagination.
  • Rhinestones and decals. These are elements widely used to decorate nails. Unlike painting flowers, they are easier to apply. Rhinestones are similar to flowers or small colourful pieces put on top. Decals are stickers that care put on nail polish. There are many different ways to combine them with nail polish. Good news is that you can use both colours of nail polish, and they will look great.
  • Graphic. If you are looking for something extraordinary, than graphic pattern is your choice. Graphic patterns using silver and purple with some other colours such as gray give an amazing result. Your nails look classic and unusual and the same time. This design can be applied not only for an occasion but also for an everyday usage.
  • Polka dots. This pattern has been always popular, and keeps its trend even now. The only one thing that differs is a colour. To make your nails look alluring, you should put purple dots on silver nails. Your hands will glitter and attract attention.
  • Mismatched patterns. Modern trends say that both hands should not be the same. Silver and purple will look cohesive no matter how you combine them. It is even possible to apply various patterns on both hands.  

You are not limited by the ideas mentioned above. Nail design is where you have complete freedom of imagination. Silver and purple design will make your hands look stunning.

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Choosing Makeup for Light Brown Skin

The right makeup has been always considered to be the key to creating successful and attractive image. It is important to remember that makeup tones should be selected with consideration of skin type, eyes and hair colour. Girls with light brown skin type usually have very attractive facial features and the right makeup can highlight them. If this is your skin type, you are very lucky because you will not have difficulties with combining colours.

What You Need For A Good Makeup

Your makeup box will always have a basic set of tools needed for creating an attractive image. These are moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, foundation, blush, eyeshadows, mascara, lipstick.

  • Moisturizer. Skin must be prepared for applying makeup. It must be clean and moisturized enough. If you put makeup on unprepared face, your makeup will look cheesy.
  • Eyebrows. Eyebrows play an important role as they literally create your face. Beauty experts say that eyebrows should be a little darker than the colour of your hair or, if you have dark hair, just like your hair. Use eyebrow pencil to make eyebrows darker but apply it lightly.
  • Foundation. Take time to choose the best foundation for your skin type. Today you can easily find many brands in a beauty shop that will provide you with a wide range of colours and shades. Choosing too dark colour will make you look older, and a very light shade will create a dramatic contrast. Select foundation shade that will suit your skin perfectly.  
  • Blush. Pink blush is usually too light for light brown skin. Select darker shades that will be seen on you face but apply them lightly not to look unnatural.
  • Eye shadows. Women with light brown skin usually have dark eyes. They can use any colour but illuminating colours will work perfectly for any occasion. For a daytime makeup you are recommended to take light colours like silver, pink or beige. Golden, gray, copper or lavender colours will be perfect for an evening makeup.
  • Lipstick. Girls with light brown skin are lucky as they can use almost any lipstick colour. However, when buying a nude lipstick, it is better to take the one that has a hint of pink. Pure nude can make you look pale.  
  • Mascara. No need to say that your mascara colour is black and only black. It will perfectly highlight your eyes by adding the right volume and length to your eyelashes.
  • Powder. Some women like powder and use it along with foundation. It is better to choose powder that will match with foundation colour or give preference to a clear colour. You should apply it under your eyes, on your nose and upper lip. It will highlight your skin a little bit and add more freshness to overall image.

Creating a perfect makeup for light brown skin is simple. You will easily find a wide range of cosmetics brands in most beauty shops.

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Impressive Red And Black Eye Makeup

Red and black eye makeup is definitely one of the most impressive and eye-catching ones. Such vibrant shades can’t remain unnoticed – they not only emphasize the beauty of the eyes, but also make any eye color more saturated. Applying black and red eyeshadows, it becomes possible for you to create an edgy, trendy and incredibly fashionable look which won’t leave any person indifferent and make you stand out from the crowd.

Creating An Unforgettable Look With Two Vibrant Shades

There are lots of diverse red eyeshadows which can be used in order to create an eye-catching look, starting from the classic red and ending with mahogany one. Such eyeshadows are suitable for ladies with any skin tone, hair and eye color making it possible for them to emphasize all their good sides.

It’s definitely worth taking a few nuances into account when willing to apply red eyeshadow in order your eyes not to look sad, unhealthy and too red:

  • Don’t put red eyeshadow all over the eyelid. It’s suggested to apply such a vibrant shade mixing it with other hues.
  • You have to also pay great attention to your brows – don’t forget to fill in eyebrows and choose a pencil, mascara or gel matching with your hair color. Don’t forget to also determine your brow shape at first.
  • Red eyelids have to be the only vibrant focus of your look. It’s essential your lips to be light or nude as well as don’t put too much of a blush.
  • Black or brown eyeliner will help you make your eyes bigger, while black mascara will make your makeup complete.

Red and black eye makeup is chic and elegant. Black and red smokey eyes is an excellent choice for any formal event or a party – such eye makeup makes it possible for you to draw attention and create an edgy look. Don’t forget to finish red and black smokey eyes with volumizing mascara in order to look even more eye-catching.

You have to determine what red shade is suitable for you before getting down to applying makeup, such a way it will be much easier for you to do the most impressive red and black eye makeup. Ladies with dark eye color may give preference to wine, mahogany, cherry shades, green-eyed girls may choose burgundy and orange red eyeshadows, while women with blue eyes can choose light red, rose and Indian red colors. Don’t forget to also determine how much eyeshadow you need to apply for your makeup to look good.

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Get Glowy And Airy Hair By Means Of A Special Technique

With age, hair becomes lifeless, weak, brittle as well as it becomes much harder to style it. All that is caused by lack of keratin protein which is damaged because of stress, ageing and improper hair care. Willing to make their hair healthy again, ladies start searching for the most helpful hair products and techniques which will make locks of hair look glowy, so they turn their attention to blowout styles.

Blowout Styles And Their Uniqueness

Blowout is a unique method which makes it possible for girls to create the desired look with ease. Short natural hair blowout styles are in-demand nowadays; such technique makes it possible for you to:

  • easily strengthen strands of hair and make them look airy;
  • turn tight tiny curls into straight, airy strands of hair;
  • keep your hair curly, but make it less frizzy.

Blowout styles make the hair easy to brush and last for two or more days looking fabulous in any weather and on any occasion. Blowout style made by an experienced stylist lets you maintain healthy hair changing its structure, making it smoother and even more glowy.

Blowout Styles: What Makes Such Method So Special And Widespread

Blowout styles are suitable for any hair type and hair color, so you can take advantage of such a technique not being afraid it will damage your hair or make things worse. Blowout takes your hair to the next level – there is no better way to get your hair ready for any special occasion than getting it blown out a day before the event.

Blowout is known for the following pros:

  • the technique makes your hair healthy and repairs the damage;
  • safety and no use of any harmful chemicals;
  • it makes hair brighter and shinier;
  • it protects hair from sun, freezing cold, wind and any other damaging factors.

Short natural hair blowout styles are often chosen by ladies who want their hair to look nicer. The most widespread styles are:

  • A blowout style giving you voluminous curls and adding volume to the hair roots.
  • An undone, textured look which makes it possible for you to create an edgy, eye-catching image.
  • Impressive wavy hair which looks suitable in any situation.
  • Straight hair which looks really glowy and healthy.
  • The classic round brush blowout which makes your hair look more voluminous and airy.

Hair gets damaged every single day of our life: wrong shampoo and other hair products, hot showers, hair dryer and curly iron, sun – all that has a negative impact on hair making it dry, frizzy and lifeless. Short natural hair blowout styles will help you easily repair your hair after the years of damage: strands will become really shiny, smooth and healthy as well as make it possible for you to look stunning no matter what.

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Ways To Properly Select A Short `Do

More and more girls from across the world dye their hair black or dark brown – this is the latest trend which makes every girl look fabulous and really trendy. Short `dos make it possible for ladies to create the desired image with ease and make hair look airy, so it’s not surprising more and more beauties give preference to short cuts when willing to try something new.

A Few Cuts To Take Into Account

Short cuts gain in popularity nowadays. They look excellent on straight and curly hair, that’s exactly why girls from all across the world give preference to such hair length. These are a few the most widespread options to choose from:

Pixie is known all around the world and is one of the most widespread short black hairstyles with bangs. Such `do makes it possible for you to create a unique, eye-catching look as well as makes your hair look healthier and adds volume to the roots.
Short hairdo with layered side bangs is liked by ladies who have fine hair. Such a textured, layered cut lets them easily add volume, while side bangs makes the look even more stylish and fashionable. Black `do with layered bangs is a catch for beauties with round face shape making their face look narrower and hiding round cheeks.

  • Cascade with long bangs is usually chosen by girls with straight fine hair. This layered cut will make it possible for ladies with round face shape to make it look longer and hide fullness. Cascade lets you create an edgy, eye-catching look wasting no time on styling your hair.
    Short `do with short bangs is usually chosen by brave girls who are willing to change their style. Short bangs looks really impressive and eye-catching letting you create an edgy image and stand out from the crowd, however it requires more time for styling it.
    Choppy bob is a cut which can’t leave anyone indifferent. It’s a known fact bob is a popular cut most of ladies give preference to, however if you are willing to look different and create a really unique look then choose black choppy `do with thick side bangs.
  • Short textured cut makes it possible for you to always look different – you can either create a feminine, romantic look or fierce, eye-catching one. It’s really simple to style such a cut – just wash your hair, use special styling products and dry it with a dryer.
    Sassoon is also one of the most widespread short black hairstyles with bangs which looks really elegant and feminine. Sassoon is a catch for girls with any face shape and hair type – such a trendy cut will make you always look well-groomed and make no effort styling your hair at home.

    Short dark hair will definitely make you stand out from the crowd – such hair color matches perfectly with any outfit, makeup and accessories letting you look different every single day.

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