The right makeup has been always considered to be the key to creating successful and attractive image. It is important to remember that makeup tones should be selected with consideration of skin type, eyes and hair colour. Girls with light brown skin type usually have very attractive facial features and the right makeup can highlight them. If this is your skin type, you are very lucky because you will not have difficulties with combining colours.

What You Need For A Good Makeup

Your makeup box will always have a basic set of tools needed for creating an attractive image. These are moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, foundation, blush, eyeshadows, mascara, lipstick.

  • Moisturizer. Skin must be prepared for applying makeup. It must be clean and moisturized enough. If you put makeup on unprepared face, your makeup will look cheesy.
  • Eyebrows. Eyebrows play an important role as they literally create your face. Beauty experts say that eyebrows should be a little darker than the colour of your hair or, if you have dark hair, just like your hair. Use eyebrow pencil to make eyebrows darker but apply it lightly.
  • Foundation. Take time to choose the best foundation for your skin type. Today you can easily find many brands in a beauty shop that will provide you with a wide range of colours and shades. Choosing too dark colour will make you look older, and a very light shade will create a dramatic contrast. Select foundation shade that will suit your skin perfectly.  
  • Blush. Pink blush is usually too light for light brown skin. Select darker shades that will be seen on you face but apply them lightly not to look unnatural.
  • Eye shadows. Women with light brown skin usually have dark eyes. They can use any colour but illuminating colours will work perfectly for any occasion. For a daytime makeup you are recommended to take light colours like silver, pink or beige. Golden, gray, copper or lavender colours will be perfect for an evening makeup.
  • Lipstick. Girls with light brown skin are lucky as they can use almost any lipstick colour. However, when buying a nude lipstick, it is better to take the one that has a hint of pink. Pure nude can make you look pale.  
  • Mascara. No need to say that your mascara colour is black and only black. It will perfectly highlight your eyes by adding the right volume and length to your eyelashes.
  • Powder. Some women like powder and use it along with foundation. It is better to choose powder that will match with foundation colour or give preference to a clear colour. You should apply it under your eyes, on your nose and upper lip. It will highlight your skin a little bit and add more freshness to overall image.

Creating a perfect makeup for light brown skin is simple. You will easily find a wide range of cosmetics brands in most beauty shops.

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